Tell me what your expectations and interests are, number of travel days and travelers. I will send you a proposal that can be adjusted at any time, including during the trip. Starting point for a tour is usually Tel Aviv or Jerusalem but can be anywhere, even the airport.


When traveling longer than 2 days, it is advisable to book an overnight close to where the tour starts the next day. In the north, Tiberias and the area of the lake are well situated. In the south, along the Dead Sea and in cities like Arad and Mitspe Ramon in the Negev desert, good places to stay can be found.

How does it work?

Below you will find a list of the most popular sites according to Israel’s geographic areas. This gives an idea of interesting places to visit during a day’s touring. Below that you find examples of 3- and 5-day itineraries. Each individual travel day can also be booked as a one-day excursion.

Main sites by geographical area

  • Historic Jerusalem
    Old City-Mount of Olives-Gethsemane-Citadel-Holy Sepulcher-Via Dolorosa-Bethesda-Temple Mount-City of David-Jewish Quarter-Wailing Wall.
  • Modern Jerusalem
    Israel Museum-Shrine of the Book-Model of 1st century Jerusalem-Yad Vashem
    Holocaust memorial.
  • Judean desert and the Dead Sea region
    Qumran caves-Ein Gedi oasis-Masada antiquities-Dead Sea swimming-Wadi Kelt (brook Krit) -Jordan river-Qasr Yehud baptismal site.
  • Galilee
    Nazareth-Mt Tabor-Mt Arbel-Tiberias-Safad-Tel Hatzor-Hulah reserve-Banias-Tel Dan.


  • Golan Heights
    Mt Hermon-Mt Bental -Katzrin.
  • Sea of Galilee
    Tiberias-Magdala-Tabgha-Kapharnaum-Mount of Beatitudes.
  • Coastal plain
    Tel Aviv-Jaffa-Apollonia-Caesarea-Haifa-Bahai-Akko.
  • Mount Carmel and the Yezreel Valley
    Druze Villages Monastery of Elijah-Tel Megiddo-Bet Sheariem-Tel Bet Shean.
  • Negev desert
    Bedouin-Tel Arad-Tel Beersheba-Avdat-Ein Avdat Canyon-Mitspe Ramon erosion crater-Scorpions ascent-Small crater.

Examples of 3-and 5-day excursions

3-day excursion

  1. Nazareth in Galilee and the Sea of Galilee
    Nazareth – Lake Tiberias – Kapernaüm – Magdala.
  2. Historic Jerusalem
    Mount of Olives – Gethsemané – Old City – Citadel – Holy Sepulchre – Via Dolorosa – Wailing Wall.
  3. Judea Desert and the Dead Sea region
    Qumran – Ein Gedi – Masada – Dead Sea swimming.

5-day excursion

  1. Along the coast to the Sea of Galilee
    Caesarea – Haifa – Akko.
  2. Sacred sites around the lake, the Hulah valley, Golan heights
    Magdala – Kafarnaum – Tel Hatzor – Hulah valley – Golan heights.
  3. From the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem
    Bet Shean – Jericho – Qasr Yehud – Jerusalem – Mount of Olives.
  4. Historic Jerusalem
    Mount of Olives – Gethsemané – Old City – Citadel – Holy Sepulchre – Via Dolorosa – Western Wall.
  5. Judean Desert and the Dead Sea region
    Qumran-Ein Gedi – Masada – Dead Sea swimming.

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