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Whether you want to experience the atmosphere of Jerusalem for just a day, or tour the country for longer, let me be your guide!

Discover Israel with me!

Why a private guide?

  • Small tour group
  • High degree of flexibility and personal comfort
  • Custom designed itinerary
  • Luxury air-conditioned 6+1 seater VW Multivan

What can I offer?

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I emigrated to Israel in 1980 after qualifying with a BA from The Hotel School in The Hague. My passion for my adopted country led me to train with the Ministry of Tourism as a professional guide, and I have now been leading small companies and groups throughout Israel for over 25 years.


My specialty is tailormade, single or multiday private excursions, always with the personal touch, paramount regard for safety, and hopefully plenty of fun! With my extensive knowledge of both the history and geography of this fascinating country, gained through guiding and living here for decades, I can show you not only the famous sites, but also many which you never knew existed.


What does Israel have to offer?

What would you like to do?

  • Authentic biblical places.
  • Historic and Modern Jerusalem.
  • Jewish, Christian and Islamic heritage.
  • Crusader castles and Desert monasteries.
  • Walks in National Parks.
  • Architecture, inviting beaches and museums in Tel Aviv.
  • The unique rock deserts of Judea and Negev.
  • The Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.
  • UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Excursions with focus on Biblical places.
    Discover the roots of Christianity.
  • General tour with the highlights of Israel.
    Find the most beautiful places of the country.
  • Excursions for seniors and travelers with reduced mobility.
    Travel at a leisurely pace.
  • Relaxed excursions for families.
    There is lots of stuff to do for the kids.
  • Day trips for when you don’t have a lot of time.
    See a lot in a short time.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are one day excursions also possible?

    Yes, the most popular day trips are to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Lake Galilee and the Dead Sea region with Masada. I will pick you up and take you back to the place of your choice. For a walking excursion through the Old City of Jerusalem the starting point may be at the Jaffa Gate. Prices for day trips are on request.

  • Is a private guide more expensive than a group trip?

    Sure, but the difference more than outweighs what you get in terms of privacy, flexibility, personal attention and, above all, peace of mind. This certainly applies if you share the costs among a number of travel companions.

  • Group tour or private guide?

    An experienced private guide is a nice alternative for a group trip. For those who love comfort, independence and flexibility, this is the ultimate way to travel relaxed. For families with children it is a great experience to enjoy a holiday together after a busy year of work and school. A private guide is also ideal for travelling with seniors and those who are less mobile and like to travel at their own pace. My spacious 6+1 seater vehicle is easy to identify by its Ministry of Tourism logo, is very comfortable and spacious, air-conditioned, perfectly maintained and fully insured.

  • Is Israel accessible for people with reduced mobility?

    Several of my former clients have been wheelchair users so I can reassure you that this is quit possible. More and more museums, archaeological sites and national parks are being made more accessible and adapted to visitors with reduced mobility. The Old City of Jerusalem does require more effort, but with some perseverance it is even possible to do well with a wheelchair with wide tyres. If you need more specific information about this then please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

  • Is Israel a safe country to travel?

    In two words, ‘yes, absolutely’. Despite what you sometimes read and hear, it is not the Wild West in the Middle East, but a vibrant and well-functioning modern young country of more than 9 million inhabitants. It is a safe destination for young and old, child-friendly and geared towards families with young children. In 2019, 4.3 million tourists visited Israel. At the end all returned home with wonderful memories of a great holiday.

  • What is Israel’s climate?

    The weather in Israel is often compared to the temperate climate of Florida and Southern California. Warm and sunny summers and generally mild winters. However, there can be sharp contrasts depending on the season and location. The best time to visit Israel is March to June and September to November. Summers are warm but doable.

  • Is it possible to drink water from the tap?

    Almost all drinking water in Israel is desalinated and purified seawater and therefore perfectly drinkable.

  • Is health care well organized?

    Israel has a very modern and accessible healthcare system that is well adapted to tourism. There are efficient First Aid clinics, modern hospitals and well-equipped pharmacies.

  • Is it possible to travel between Israel, Jordan, Egypt or Sinai?

    Since the peace agreements were signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979 and between Israel and Jordan in 1994, border formalities between the countries have been normalized. A local fellow guide is usually arranged for visits to Bethlehem and Jericho, both within Palestinian Authority territory. In 2020, treaties were signed by Israel with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which opens up more possibilities for the near future.

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What others say

Dear Philip – Kieran

Greetings from sunny Ireland.
I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the trip just completed. Everybody was thrilled with the whole experience at different levels. It really worked — as you know, this matters to me personally because the trip was my dream for a long time.
As always, it was a pleasure to have your company and expertise. The trip is a template and I’m wondering how to make use of it again…!!!
Hope you got a bit of time to relax after the “month” with us.

Hi Philip – Anna and Vladimir

Thank you so much for taking us and show us around today!
We enjoyed both the sightseeing and the conversations.
Wishing u all the very best!


Dear Philip – Barry and Grace Everts

Just thought I would write and let you know how things resulted after our flight back to Canada. Is it wacky to say we miss Israel? It kind of got into “our blood” and we still get very excited when anyone asks how our trip was. We are thankful that we had such an informative tour guide. It made all the difference. If only we could remember all the information you told us. There were so many highlights; one of my personal favourties was Caesarea and the area that formerly held the chariot races, the hippodrome. The Dead sea was really neat to experience and Massada was so interesting. We had an amazing experience in Israel and will never forget what we saw and learned – so much more than what we had expected. We also appreciated the balanced way you explained political things to us. Articles in the paper concerning Israel are read with a better understanding. Reading our bibles daily we seem to understand many things in a different way. Well, I could go on and on about our trip and all the enjoyments of it.
It seems like a dream now. Anyway all the best to you Philip and with very fond memories!

Dear Philip – Steven Marhee

Thanks so much for the best week of my life so far. In retrospect, the effect of the trip has not diminished and in fact has grown. Your work was exceptional and admirable on so many levels. Thanks for the little extras like the visit with your brother and the family history. It brought everything to life.
Please keep in touch and let me know if I can provide testimony to your love of your work. Your clients are very fortunate.
Best regards and please do keep in touch and let us know if you visit South Florida so we can reciprocate with our own hospitality!


Dear Philip – Roz

Once again, many thanks for your expert guidance this past week.  We all learned a great deal from your informative commentary and enjoyed your sense of humor.  You were also very patient and understanding of my children’s many sensitive political questions, which I appreciated.
Again, many thanks for making our family vacation very special indeed.


Israel is about the size of New Jersey, a small country with an enormous variety of climates and landscapes. Situated on a land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa it has for centuries been a meeting place of cultures, conquerors and religions. From Moses to Mark Twain and countless, pilgrims, adventurers and dreamers, all visited and left their stamp.The image of The Promised Land for some and the The Holy Land for others is still as strong as ever. There is a lot to discover for the modern adventurer and the land of the Bible can still be experienced in countless authentic places.


Jerusalem, with its walled Old City, the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Temple Mount, is the centerpiece of the three monotheistic religions and an amazing experiment in coexistence.
Tel Aviv, a modern western city located next to Biblical Jaffa has a vibrant nightlife and inviting sandy beaches. Throughout the country you will find world-class national parks, Biblical and archaeological sites in addition to UNESCO World Heritage, modern museums and… good food and lots of sun. In 2019, more than four million visitors returned home satisfied and safe.

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